My greatest mission in home design is to transform ordinary spaces into havens of healing and hospitality.



A Little About Kaysie Danielle

Put simply, I’m a home-maker. Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved creating cozy spaces. When my sisters and I would play together, I spent the entire time building a little haven for my toys to live inside. It didn’t matter where I was — in the car, in the woods, in the barn, in my room — I wanted to make it feel special, to feel cozy and beautiful.

In 2011, I married the kindest, most loyal man I’ve ever met and we had our first son, Charlie, in February 2016. We live in a well-loved craftsman home that was built in the 1930’s — with squeaky hardwood floors, small rooms, and gorgeous crown-molding. These four walls have framed our pain and our healing, our losses and our new births, our struggles and our victories. I believe in mission-minded homes that serve the dreams, goals, and values of the people inside. And over the years I’ve learned to let my “missions” shape my decorating so that my home isn’t used to impress people, but rather bless people.

I love Jesus — and while many people don’t see how that’s related to home design, for me it is inseparable. He resurrected beauty in my own home first. He fills me with inspiration that matches His mission. He gives me courage to walk into homes and offer mercy, comfort, and creativity. He is my true “Home” — a place I can rest, fall apart, dream, and enjoy.

I also have the honor and privilege to be the Founder and Executive Director of Homes & Havens, a nonprofits that creates healing spaces for women in recovery.