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taking up space

For so many years I’ve felt like I apologize for taking up space. I like to stand behind people so as not to get in the way. I prefer to be hidden in case I do something wrong or overstep my boundaries or say something unhelpful. I don’t feel the liberty to share the depths of my dreams, pain, or story, for fear people wouldn’t care or refuse to let me take up a little space.

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shaking off the dust

There has been a lot stirring within me the last few months, I feel like my heart has been ripening for more healing and rest — but more on that maybe later. I was asked recently, “What are some of your favorite leisurely activities?” I said I loved to write.

But I rarely take time to write anymore.

Which confirms something I am learning about myself: I DON’T REST WELL.

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dear new mom, it's okay to grieve

I’ve been debating about publishing this particular post for quite some time.

Probably because it’s still really raw. And I’m still somewhere in the middle of it. And honestly? There are still days I go back to my draft folder and read it to myself. But it’s one of those hard lessons that feels bigger than me, so I decided to hit publish in case someone else needs to know they’re not alone in this season.

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many letting goes

Without question, this year has been the hardest year of my life. I could write out a long string of words telling you about the countless hardships, but don't we all have such a list? I can tell you that it has ripped me open and scrapped out everything I thought was necessary for a happy life.

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Bigger Than Me

When I met Jesus, I traded some silly earthly dreams for some bigger kingdom dreams. These dreams keep me up at night. They tug hard on my soul. They make me stare at this computer screen pushing the words out and then chopping up every word because maybe it can be said better.

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