new dining room rug | edessa tribal medallion rug

If there is one thing I loooooove, it is a beautiful rug.

Buying rugs used to be such a difficult thing for me. I never felt confident in my choice, I worried about finding the right size or pile or pattern, and the entire shopping process was stressful because they are a bit of an investment. But after several years of purchasing rugs for myself and clients, I’m glad to report I’ve gotten pretty good and immediately knowing if I love a rug or not.

When my friend showed me a picture of her new living room rug a few months ago, I knew instantly — I loved this rug. I saved it on my “shopping list” folder in my phone notes and kept checking back occasionally for a good sale. RugsUSA often runs sales and send coupon codes if you are on their email list.

Finally the day came! With a birthday giftcard and a great coupon code, the rug was ordered and on it’s way!


This is the Edessa Tribal Mediallion Rug in light brown. It is SO gorgeous!

It’s soft, low pile, and super cozy. It fits perfectly in our updated dining room, especially after we painted our grasscloth wallpaper. I usually start the design of rooms around the rug these days. Since they add so much warmth, color, and texture, I make everything else work around the rug.


So there you have it! The new rug in all it’s glory!