painting our grasscloth wallpaper | diy


During my birthday “staycation” we decided to finally paint the grasscloth wallpaper in our dining room.

I debated for several months on either taking the wallpaper down completely, or just painting over it. Grasscloth has a beautiful texture to it that is expensive to add, so I decided to keep it but just change the color. I did a quick Google search on the process and found that it could be done using an oil-based primer and some elbow grease. And after a little debate on the color, we picked up the paint at Home Depot and began the project!


Step 1: Wipe it down.

First thing we did was take a wet washcloth and wipe down all the dust off the wallpaper. We also made sure the corners of the wallpaper hadn’t peeled up and glued those back into place.

Step 2: Use an oil-based primer.

Be prepared to open all the windows and have some fans turned on because it will get really smelly! We applied a generous coat of primer to the wallpaper. Make sure to get the roller really soaked with paint because there are a ton of cracks and creases that need to be covered on the grasscloth.

Here is how it looked with one coat of primer:


Step 3: Allow proper time to dry.

We let it dry for a good 5 or 6 hours before applying the top coat of paint. If you are planning to do a lighter color for the final paint, I would definitely recommend two coats of primer. But since we chose a darker color, one coat was really all we needed.

Step 4: Apply the paint.

I used Behr’s interior matte paint since I didn’t want there to be any kind of sheen or gloss to the wallpaper. This paint is awesome — we applied a generous first coat making sure to keep the rollers and brushes really coated and it covered really well. I ran out of paint right before finishing up so this one wall took up 3/4 gallon of primer and almost 2 quarts of paint! So estimate accordingly!


The color we picked is called “Meteorological” by Behr. It’s the same paint color we used on our fireplace makeover. After picking up our second quart of paint, I went over the entire wall again lightly with another coat just to make sure there weren’t any spots I missed. It all dried in about two hours.

And here’s the final product:


Step Five: Enjoy!

We are loving the pop of bold color in this room. The day we wrapped this project up my birthday present rug came in the mail so it really tied the space together in such fun ways. I’ll write more about the rug later!

But for now, we are so excited about this change and how the wallpaper looks now.