"hi, i'm rested."


So, “how have you been?”

We all get this question a lot, sometimes multiple times a day. Our answers can often seem like we are on autopilot. But recently I’ve been wondering what it would feel like to respond with a simple but confident, “I’m really rested.”

Instead of the chipper, “I’m fine!” Or “Really busy!” Or even “It’s been crazy, but how are you?”

I’m curious — desperate even — to know what it would be like to say, “I’m rested.”

I feel like our culture claims this is impossible. And trust me, I’m a perfect candidate for the “I’m really busy, but good” answer. I am a wife and mom. I work full-time. I run a nonprofit. I am a creative entrepreneur.  I’m involved in our community. I have a list of projects both personal and work-related a mile long — and I have more new ideas than I can keep up with.

Sometimes I look around and I don’t see another way. #MomCulture #NonprofitCulture and #HustleCulture would make have me feel ashamed for not always being tired, overbooking my schedule, saying “yes” to every opportunity, and sacrificing “being present” because I need to be eyeing the next goal. This culture celebrates and rewards busyness.

But I’m the one that pays the price. My presence, attention, peace, and joy are expensive — if I correctly estimate it.

So I’m asking myself the question: what would a rested life look like?

What if the culture of my home, marriage, motherhood, ministry, business, and community life was one marked by rest? I’m pretty sure that would stand out against the world.