our home's mission statement


When people ask me about my process for decorating a space, I usually tell them about how I created a mission statement for our home after a season of really difficult and traumatizing events. I use the words “mission statement” because I wanted my home to have a mission that guided the way I viewed my home and the way I decorated my home. Above all, I wanted a home that would bless people, instead of impress people. So I wrote out a “mission statement” to describe and protect that purpose.

I can remember sitting at my kitchen table begging God to use my home as a blessing ground, a healing place, and refuge in a really painful world. These “statements” turned more into prayers…

Father, let this home be gentle on the suffering.

Father, let this place be protective of the sacred.

Father, let this home be nourishing to the weary.


Those prayers have guided my home, the design, the family, and the organization that have blossomed inside of these four walls.

As some of you know, after 8 years of renting (5 years in this home) we finally bought this house a few weeks ago!

It still feels surreal to type that! Brian and I are so pumped to continue taking care of this place and allow it to frame many more memories we will treasure for years to come.

A few weeks before we closed, I started thinking about all those prayers I wrote and prayed over this home (and how God continues to answer them) and I really wanted to go back to the table with Brian this time and carve out some missions we share as a couple and as a family. We believe home is the roof and walls around our story and what we value. So we had a lot of conversations together before we circled around a few things we want our home to protect, represent, and give.

Most of all, we believe our home is all about “enjoying presence.”


A place to relax and savor the Presence of God and the presence of those we love the most.

In order to protect that mission, we build our home on these principles:

Intention … that assigns value to our marriage, children, and community and leans into the hard work of protecting our attention to those things.

Respect … that produces safety and kindness.

Closeness … that pulls people near, creates belonging, and forgives first.

Healing … that welcomes brokenness while gently moving toward repair.

Celebration … that rejoices in daylight or darkness.

Welcome … that offers presence to everyone.


As we sat on our front porch together, me scribbling away while we conversed about our values and dreams, this mission statement left me feelings so full of purpose and clarity. May God give us the strength to use this home to bless people, protect these missions, and enjoy the Presence of Jesus and one another.