coffee tables and sectionals

Since we found this IKEA sectional on Facebook Marketplace almost a year ago, I have been trying to find the right coffee table to fit the space. Typically coffee tables are long and narrow which made it difficult to figure out which “side” of the sectional to position it. So I started looking for a circle or square table to fill the space but couldn’t find one I just loved.

But then several months ago I was walking around an antique shop and noticed a gorgeous coffee table that would be perfect for our living room. It was $600 which was definitely out of my price range plus someone had already bought it and it had a sold sticker on it. However, I recognized the make of the frame and the finish, so I came home and started searching online.

Sure enough, I found it on Wayfair AND Kirkland’s website. Wayfair was still wanting $500 and Kirkland’s $329, but I knew Kirkland’s has sales quite often. While I was tracking the prices for a few weeks, everyone suddenly sold out of it 🙈😫 so I saved the links and waited a few more weeks until it fiiiiiinally came back in stock! 🙌🏻

I waited a few more weeks until a holiday hit (like the 4th of July) and sure enough, I got a coupon that could be applied to a sale price! It was perfect timing too since I had just sold my old white buffet in our dining room and had the cash.

When it arrived yesterday morning, I could hardly wait to finally unbox this table I had been waiting so long to see in my space! And it didn’t disappoint — I love it!


Charlie approves too!

I haven’t quite finished styling it, but I love these pots I found at Bees on a Bicycle a few weeks ago. It pulls in all the colors nicely.

For those looking for other coffee table options for sectionals, here were my other choices:

This adorable wicker round table was a close second! It’s a great option for the price too. If I ever get an outdoor sectional for the porch, I could definitely see this working there.

This was a nice simple option as well. I decided against an all white table since our sectional is white, plus there is a lot of other white things in the room too.

Or there is a fabric ottoman style as well. This would be perfect for foot-resting or babies who are pulling up and learning to walk. I have a teal ottoman at my office that I have used in the past, but I really wanted some wood-tones that warmed up the living room.

So there you have it! I might post a blog later with some ideas for styling your coffee table since I’m in the middle of that right now. Thanks for reading along with me on this journey! I currently have my feet up on our beautiful new table with a candle lit. It’s so nice for find the perfect piece; sometimes you just have to wait for the right one to come along.