our weekend landscaping project

Of course we picked the hottest day this summer to start a landscaping project, but we are definitely enjoying the result of all our sweat, bold, and blisters!

For a while now we have discussed adding a second flower bed to the front of our house. We had one on the right side of the house (left side facing the house) but wondered how much character it would add to have another bed to balance the front. So we went to work!


Here is the “before” shot of the area.

We scraped up all the grass being careful to leave behind as much topsoil as possible.

Then we cut around the edge of the bed so we could add an edging to encase the mulch we would later add. We picked up this edging at Home Depot. After all the grass was removed (phew!) we began digging holes to plant our new plants!


I am personally obsessed with hydrangeas. My Granny had them all around her front porch in south Mississippi and I had them at our wedding as well. They just speak “southern charm” to me and add the perfect softness. So we replanted a few of the existing larger bushes in the other bed and planted new hydrangeas in both beds so that it would match.

For the rest of the plants, I picked an assortment of perennials that would compliment the foliage and blooms of the hydrangeas. We have mostly white blooms, so the other plants are shades of purple, pink, and blushy reds. I can’t wait to see how they grow over the summer but I REALLY can’t wait to see them all again next year!

For those wondering, here is the selection of plants we used in the new bed.

After planting and soaking them all in a good amount of water, we ran the edging around the bed and mulched the entire bed with brown mulch.


Mulching is my favorite part! I love how it instantly changes the entire look of the flower bed.

We’ve been watering like crazy since it’s been SO hot in Chattanooga and I started jumping around like a little school girl yesterday afternoon when it finally rained! I’ve truly turned into the crazy plant lady… but I love it!

It feels so nice to have this done and I love walking outside every morning and evening to soak in the stillness that a garden brings. Plus I feel like this project woke up the front of our house!