painting furniture is emotional + my favorite furniture paint

It’s no secret that redecorating your home can cost you a fortune. Most of us have to figure out ways to stretch those dollars, utilize what we already have, and take small steps at a time. I can remember trying to decorate my home during a really difficult financial season when my husband and I got laid off within six months of each other.

It was hard to have so much vision and no cash. But this taught me how to be “scrappy” and flex my creative muscles in the process.

One of the gifts this hard season brought me was learning how to paint furniture. For about $25, I could transform three or four pieces of furniture in just a few hours.

There were endless lessons I learned — not just skill wise, but emotionally too — all while painting my furniture.

No one tells you how emotional painting a piece of furniture can be!

At first, it might be negative emotions: Should I paint this? What kind of paint should I use? What color? Do I need to sand this entire thing down? What supplies do I need? Do I have the talent to do this? What if I ruin it forever?! I find that so many women are paralyzed before they even begin!

(deep breath)

It’s gonna be okay.

Trust me when I say that taking a risk and starting on a piece of furniture can be freeing, gratifying, and even therapeutic. After I bit the bullet and just started painting, the joy and freedom that met me in the process were such a surprise. I started using naptime as my “painting and prayer time” in the carport. I would paint, listen to worship music, and pray. It really became a joyful, healing experience.

Plus, when I moved that finished piece inside, looking at it reminded me of that sweet time of worship.

Here are a few tips and hopefully a little courage to get you going.

Let’s start with the paint: I proudly use Fusion Mineral Paint because it is easy, minimal prep, and long lasting. Plus they have some awesome colors as well. It’s an “open the jar and start painting” type paint.

Also, honest moment here: I never sand the wood before I paint.

GASP. I know. I have painted literally hundreds (I counted last year and lost track at 200+) pieces of furniture and besides a good wipe down with a wet paper towel, that’s all I do. I just start painting. There have been a few spots here and there that didn’t quickly absorb the paint, but I usually distress everything afterwards so it blends right in.

For example, yesterday I bought an antique child’s chair for my dining room. I brought it to the office, wiped it down, disassembled the tray, chose the color, and started painting. Because I chose a darker color, I only needed one coat, so I was done painting in 15 minutes. I let it dry for an hour or so, then distressed it.

For white pieces, I usually do two or three coats depending on the wood underneath.

I use any kinds of cheap paint brushes I can find at Harbor Freight, Lowes, or ever Wal-Mart. Lay down a sheet or drop cloth and you are ready!

If you are still struggling with hesitation and anxiety of the process, pick up a cheap piece of wood furniture at Goodwill or a yard sale and use that as your practice piece. Just have fun and go for it! You will be surprised how easy, enjoyable, and rewarding it is.

Any more questions? Drop them in the comments below! I’d love to help.