we bought our house!

Phew, this has been such a journey full of longing, hope, disappointment, healing and lots of patience. We have been renters for over eight years and specifically renting this house for the last five years. Somewhere along the way this house became like a member of our family and we felt God calling us to stay + enjoy + repair + grow right here.

There were many struggles and setbacks along the way, but today — wow — this is OUR house.

“Home is what we're all looking for, that Beauty can be made anywhere if we believe in redemption & dirt under our fingernails & a relentless imagination that practices resurrection.” (Ann Voskamp)

This place has been a shelter in every sense of the word. We broke open here. We started to mend. We dreamed, we built, we struggled, we sang. We’ve had people surround our table with laughter. We’ve had heartbroken conversations snuggled on the couch. We watched people hit their bottom here. We’ve celebrated resurrections. We have been poor, we have had enough, we are learning about abundance amidst it all.

We cannot wait to see what the future holds for us and this darling little house we are so honored to call OUR HOME.