time to paint the front door

One of the first things I wanted to do in our new home was paint the front door.

When we moved in five years ago, they had put in this beautiful craftsman front door, but the stain was waaaaay dark and really sucked the light out of the space, especially on the inside of the house.

I couldn’t wait to see how it transformed with a little paint!

I color matched a dresser I had painted in Fusion Mineral Paint “Inglenook” because the color is literally my favorite EVER. (I think it is really close to Misty Moss by Behr.)

After we closed on the house and got lunch, we came home and I immediately started taping the windows and painting! I painted both the outside and inside (the inside is Agreeable Gray) and the back door as well, all in about 3 hours.


BEST THREE HOURS I’ve ever spent!

I’m telling you guys, I was smiling so big the entire time. It felt so good to be doing a project on OUR home. And this was a change I’ve been waiting years to do.

And TA-DA!

Here’s a BEFORE

Here’s a BEFORE

It is such a breath of fresh air! It’s crazy how one tiny change can really make such a difference.

Oh, and here’s the inside shots:



It feels like there is an extra window in here now it is so bright inside.

I highly recommend giving your front door a little love if you are in the mood for a change or update.

I used Behr Marquee exterior paint in a semi-gloss. It went on so smoothly and I used two coats on each side.