porch transformed into a gardening/potting nook

I feel like “small homes” get a bad rap sometimes. We live in a comfortable 1,200ish sq.ft. home and yes, sometimes it does feel a little snug. But honestly, I really like the “snugness” of it here. It keeps us close together.

It requires me to use every little nook in my home on purpose. One such “nook” that has been under-used and rather neglected was the side portion of our front porch. We are blessed to have a delightful and substantial front porch that wraps around the side of our craftsman bungalow. However, we never use the side portion.

Here is a “BEFORE” snapshot that really pushed me to think creatively about the space:


We were really using this section as a dumping grounds for extra toys, shipping boxes, and yard games.

We have a sweet little sitting area around the front that we use for seating, so I really didn’t need another area for conversation. I really needed a productive area. Those who know me well know my mad love for houseplants, but it’s hard to store the pots and soil inside sometimes… especially with a three-year-old snooping around.

So I started dreaming of something that would be like a “potting shed” except on the porch.

I had an old farmhouse table that was at my office and no longer needed there, so I brought it back home. I bought some dropcloths at WalMart and turned them into curtains hung on a tension rod. I gathered all my old pots and some new ones too (if you are in Chattanooga, you should visit Bees on a Bicycle!) and found a big container to store my potting soil. I scrubbed those white chairs and got some new pillows and cleaned up this rug to brighten up the area.

And TA-DA!


It is such a peaceful and productive little area now!

I feel like we just added on an addition to our home and I love working out here. Charlie is also very excited about this area and honestly plays over here more than I do. It only took a little money, one afternoon, and some creative energy to really utilize this part of our home.

Maybe Brian will let me buy more plants now! … ehhh, maybe not. But it’s a perfect spot to care for the ones I do have!