w i s d o m and what she builds

W I S D O M. That’s my #wordoftheyear.

For several years I’ve felt a divine call on my life to BUILD... especially REBUILD.

Whether that work takes place on behalf of someone else or within my own story, it’s holy work to me. It’s hard work. But it’s holy.

And there’s a lot to do: I’m building up a marriage, a family, a home, a community, a business, a ministry, a legacy.

So when I sought the Lord this year to see if He had another word for me, I felt like everything I was studying in Scripture was about wisdom. And then it clicked.

Wisdom BUILDS.

“A wise woman builds her house...”
“By wisdom a house is built...”
“The Lord by wisdom founded the earth...”

Wisdom must be the pulse of the builder. It is the architect and counselor, the guidance and the drive. And wisdom begins not in school or books or degrees or achievements ... but in the fear of the Lord.

He generously gives this precious wisdom from above: wisdom that is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. This wisdom? It ensures that all this building and rebuilding will produce a glory far more beautiful than we could ever imagine.