Starting the New Year, Prayers for My Home

I think there's something so special about new mornings, and new months, and new years... to me it feels clean and forgiving. Sometimes it's the perfect "spark" to get back on mission. In my usual fashion, the boxing up of Christmas decor always creates the need to clean everything and purge all the junk and rearrange all the things. I've been going through every room in our house like a mad woman with a trash bag!

The easiest way to make a room look 110% better with no money at all is to clean it. It's miraculous. Pulling out everything in the junk corners or drawers, deep cleaning every square inch, and eliminating what I call the "piles" is truly therapeutic. It suddenly feels like there's more air to breathe.

This week as I've been purging, the Lord stirred my heart again to pray over my home again.

If you know me in real life, you've probably heard me talk about the importance of these prayers, even as they influence my decorating. I love asking for God's vision over a space.

This time, instead of just praying whatever came to mind, I spent a few minutes in silence asking the Lord if He had any new ideas for each room. Slowly new prayers began to form.

"Fill this room with worship..."

"May the warmth of your Spirit be comforting to anyone who feels alone here..."

"Let Your peace cover anyone who walks in our front door, drawing us closer to You..."

Many more prayers welled up in my heart for our home.

Even as I rearrange and decorate our home, it's refreshing to get back to the center of it all... this place is for His glory. That is my favorite thing about my home: it's my special mission field.