My new living room rug!

For anyone who knows me well, they know I'm always on the hunt for a good rug. I feel like rugs are the most overlooked or underutilized piece of decor in a room, mostly because they are they can be an investment. I've gone through a wide variety of rugs in my time, so I've had lots of practice picking out rugs online.

I think the only rug I ever bought in person was from a friend who was moving and I got a steal. But other than that, every rug I've bought has been online -- which can be tricky.

For several months now I've been on the hunt for a statement rug that didn't feel too bold, but definitely had more color. I was growing a little tired of my navy striped curtains that I've had for the past three years, but I still loved the warmth of the navy. Because those curtains were such a statement piece, I knew I would need to tone down the curtains before I found a bolder rug.

After hunting for months, I finally settled on some new curtains I found on Target's website. (Another post on that soon.)

Now it was time. I began the reckless search for the perfect rug.

It didn't take me long to decide to pull the trigger when I found this one!

Safavieh Madison Vintage Medallion Cream/Navy Distressed Rug

It had the navy color I wanted, but didn't feel too overbearing. Plus it had a blend of beige/grays that would tie in my neutrals and gray couch. It was perfect.


SHOPPING TIP: In order to get the best deal, I google the name of the rug I want and search all the different websites for the best prices. For this rug, it was between, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Overstock. After searching for coupon codes and email promotions, I picked Overstock and saved about $75.

Even though our living room is small, I always order a 9x12 rug because it always makes the room feel so much bigger. I was counting down the days until it got here and three days later it was here!


I absolutely love it. It's a pretty low pile so it vacuums really easily and hides all the dog hair and kid crumbs. I love the design and how "distressed" is looks. So thrilled.