"hi, i'm rested."

So, “how have you been?”

We all get this question a lot, sometimes multiple times a day. Our answers can often seem like we are on autopilot. But recently I’ve been wondering what it would feel like to respond with a simple but confident, “I’m really rested.”

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new dining room rug | edessa tribal medallion rug

It’s soft, low pile, and super cozy. It fits perfectly in our updated dining room, especially after we painted our grasscloth wallpaper. I usually start the design of rooms around the rug these days. Since they add so much warmth, color, and texture, I make everything else work around the rug.

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what to expect at an "ACA" meeting | adult children of alcoholics and dysfunctional families

When I attended my first ACA meeting, I felt both comforted and confronted with issues I was trying to ignore. This is not a place to “bash” your parents and discuss all the ways they messed up, but rather it creates a space to be honest about those experiences while giving you tools and hope to change the narrative in your story.

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soil work, soul work

My mind is also in a sweaty place of detangling thoughts that have some very deep roots. I've been doing a lot of soul work this year. It has been hard and it has been sweaty and I have often wanted to give up.

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painting furniture is emotional + my favorite furniture paint

There really are so many emotional hurdles to overcome before painting a piece of furniture. Should I paint this? What kind of paint should I use? What color? Do I need to sand this entire thing down? What supplies do I need? Do I have the talent to do this? What if I ruin it forever?!

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and I'm still learning how to take up space

I feel like the first half of this year tried to bury me under a truckload of fear and unworthiness that God was wanting to heal. But man, it was hard. I wanted to hide, not shine. I wanted to become invisible, not take up more space.

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taking up space

For so many years I’ve felt like I apologize for taking up space. I like to stand behind people so as not to get in the way. I prefer to be hidden in case I do something wrong or overstep my boundaries or say something unhelpful. I don’t feel the liberty to share the depths of my dreams, pain, or story, for fear people wouldn’t care or refuse to let me take up a little space.

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shaking off the dust

There has been a lot stirring within me the last few months, I feel like my heart has been ripening for more healing and rest — but more on that maybe later. I was asked recently, “What are some of your favorite leisurely activities?” I said I loved to write.

But I rarely take time to write anymore.

Which confirms something I am learning about myself: I DON’T REST WELL.

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