It’s so nice to meet you.


I’m so happy you decided to stop by my blog.

My name is Kaysie Strickland and I am the one behind the screen. I live in Chattanooga, TN, with my darling husband and son — along with two rescue pups. We live in our 1930’s craftsman bungalow and my days are filled with dreams and projects for this space.

I have loved all things “home” since I was a little girl building havens for my toys. That passion never went away and followed me even when I entered the nonprofit world for my career.

I fluctuated back and forth deciding whether to be a counselor or writer… never quite landing on the right footing to make either happen. But what I didn’t expect was to become a “designer” of sorts, eventually starting a nonprofit design firm called “Homes & Havens” that creates healing spaces for women in recovery.

It seemed all my passions collided and my days are filled with engaging women recovering from trauma, designing and decorating spaces to help them heal, and learning how to become the leader God has called me to be.

Even though my “job” hits on a lot of my passions, there is still an incredible joy to be found in my own home, writing my own story, and filling up this corner of the online world with the breathings of my own journey.

So I’m grateful you are here for the part of the story.